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Drink Bentolit
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Soluble drink slimming Bentolit

Weight loss with Bentolit

Instant drink slimming with the bentonite clay benefits:

Why we get fat?

You said that the main causes of excess weight – disturbances in hormonal, and physical inactivity, and poor quality of the environment? But it is one of the indirect factors.

In 90% of cases the excess weight is a direct result of chemical poisoning of the organism.

The urban environment is aggressive to humans. The products you buy contain preservatives, flavors and dyes. If you live in the metropolis, the poisoning flatulence of the air does not escape. Bad habits cluttering up the body. All of these chemical components cause digestive problems, slow metabolism, and therefore fat storage.

You want to lose weight? Start by cleaning up the body!

Bentolit created on the volcanic base of the bentonite clay. This clay is a natural adsorbent. During daily use of the reception, displays the body of excess water and harmful “chemistry” of accumulated in the tissues and organs, promotes the loss and breakdown of fats. The clay is quickly swells in the stomach, because of this that the appetite decreases, and you lose weight.

After 7 days of taking Bentolit the weight is on the decline. Disappear with time problems with digestive: heartburn, heaviness in the stomach, etc

A glass vase Bentolit

At the end of 30 days, the rate of average weight loss is 10 to 12 kg To the difference of the synthesis fat burners and detox cocktails Bentolit without danger to your health. Thanks to the composition, complications and side effects are excluded.

In addition, Bentolit on the volcanic base of the bentonite clay makes the hair bright and shiny, improves the condition of the skin, reduces swelling.

The unique composition of the in the heart of nature

Bentolitaverage speed : lose weight with bentonite clay

Bentonite clay Bentolit

How to take Bentolit - instant drink slimming?

2 teaspoons with a slide, pour into a glass with water or skim milk, mix thoroughly. Let it sit for 10 minutes and mix again. Drink 1 time per day, regardless of the meal. To obtain a homogeneous mass, you can use the shaker.

More than 20 00 people have already succeeded in losing weight with a drink slimming with the bentonite clay Bentolit.

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